Hey! Dart won the 2017 Huake Distributor Award "Excellent Partner". - Dart Enterprise Co., Ltd.



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congratulate! Dart won the 2018 Huake Distributor Award "Excellent Partner".

Hey! Dart, won the 2018 Huake Distributor Award "Growth First"”


In 2018, after experiencing shortages and the impact of Sino-US trade, passive components changed a lot in a year. I would like to thank Huake for its affirmation of Dart this year, and also thank the staff of Dart for their hard work. In the future, Dart will further cultivate and strengthen passive components to provide customers with better services to repay everyone's recognition of Dart.

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Huake agents uphold the affinity and high-efficiency service first, and the most complete supply. The main products of Huake agents are passive components, BEAD, INDUCTOR, MLCC, semiconductor capacitors, etc. Huake agents specialize in the field of passive components. They have a global reputation and a very high market share.